Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garden - 2013 - Burnt Out

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I was searching through the myriad of albums and EP's that I've gotten from bandcamp over the last few months for something that would make for excellent music to put on while I did my morning yoga (yes, I started doing that). Flipping through, I knew that something like Grimblee or Viktor Disque might be great techno records, but their tempo was too fast, and not what I needed early in the morning to empty my mind and focus. Rock and metal records of any kind tend to draw my focus onto the lyrics (or in the case instrumental rock) into the guitars and I'd end up going completely off course. Pumping adrenaline does not make for the kind of workout I'm looking to have. I needed something that was at once calming and relaxing enough that I don't want to get up pump my fist, but also aurally engaging enough that I'd want to hear it again and again every morning and keep coming back for more. That I put Burnt Out on during the yoga and afterward to listen to it again (and again, and again. And again once more to write this) showed me Garden achieved this in spades. Garden experiment with a lack of song structure, these are mostly sound collages with no real final destination in mind – “Blue Eagle” throbs along with only the drums and cymbals giving any sense of direction to what's going, and even that fades out into a psychedelic stream of sound. There may be a lack of real structure, but there is, as a song is named, a kaleidoscopic array of textures and sounds working together here you can simply get lost in. You may listen to this and wonder how I chose it for yoga, and you may be right, but I'll be damned if it this doesn't center me and put me in a good place every time I put it on. Burnt Out comes highly recommended regardless of what you're doing.

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