Monday, April 22, 2013

HIC ET NUNC - 2005 - Burn Fat Old Sun

Alternative Blues Rock
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Another record that proves that music doesnt age. Sure, you have some decade specific music that most people will unmistakably associate with a certain time period, but that doesnt mean that older records are bad or even should be completely forgotten. Considering the amount and speed we consume media, this small little Alternative Rock record from 2005 is probably long forgotten by now, if it ever even got the attention it deserved. The band got founded in 1990 and considering their latest record is now 8 years old, this might be  their swan song (Although there are some other side projects, like Bernhard Togolvseks Instrumental "Tulmon" you should check out as well: and oh boy are we missing out. If the musical development since 1990 and the quality of their latest record is anything to go by, these guys were basically one record away from making a record that would burn everyone's ears off. Burn Fat Old Sun is just one guitar smash away from being a truly great and unforgettable record. This record is passion, love for music, Classic Rock, Alternative Blues, driving riffs, power, catchy melodies and lots of tracks that make you feel like joining in with the vocals. If these guys had edged out some issues that give some tracks a bit too much uninteresting downtime (Petrol being probably the worst offender), this record would have probably found a wider audience. As it stands now, this record and this band have a lot of character which I got to love during my double digits playthrough of Burn Fat Old Sun, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, however it certainly is mine. If there is any chance for a follow up record, I'd welcome these gentlemen to rock on.

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