Thursday, April 11, 2013

Satanic Ceremony - 2013 - Satanic Ceremony (unfinished)

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This LP may be hokey as all get out, at least in terms of thematic content, but oh boy did I get a kick out of it. Yes, it's apparently an album of 'satanic' music, and if you've ever seen a classic horror film (I'm talking 1930's black and white Universal monsters or 1920-30's German Expressionist), then you've got an idea of just what you're in for when you throw on Satanic Ceremony. Compositions bellowed out of an organ straight from the pits of Hell itself that evokes other classic toccata's (most specifically Bach's Toccata and Fugue In D Minor BWV). Organ music can effectively get across two moods really well: uplifting and ethereal or menacing and brooding, and it's not really hard to guess which of those two this record aims to sonically capture. With that said, the music itself is extremely slickly put together: Every note is crystal clear and while there is no information on the type of organ used (probably a harmonium), one can tell this is meant to be heard on the largest pipe organ you can find. With song titles like “Reconquering The Spirit of Mother Earth”, it couldn't be any other way. That the organist[s] is clearly adept at the instrument also helps, as the playing is as stellar as the production. It's impressive playing, and certainly not something you get a chance to hear every day (unless you listen to nothing but baroque classical I suppose). Sure the song titles are silly and its about as evil as a free LP of organic music on the internet can be (see “not very” - editor note), but damn if it doesn't make me crack a smile and want to see the dark on rise when the low notes engulf you. I hope Satanic Ceremony gets 'finished' at some point, so I can hear the results.

If this is all meant to be taken seriously, I, well... I'm just a reviewer. Satan, have your people call my people.

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  1. Thanks for your review! The music is programmed, not played by hand. I have added a corresponding note on the web pages.