Tuesday, May 6, 2014

octopus! - 2014 - When Will You Stop?

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So I went into a weird bit of winter hibernation from my last to about now, and in that time, I didn't get any new music from bandcamp. I ended up putting this review on hold nearly indefinitely until such time as I was able to sit down, tell everything else in the world to go intercourse itself and tackle an album review. Four months hasn't changed how I feel about the album thankfully, which is that the rock and roll showcased on When Will You Stop will keep your fist pumping, head nodding/banging with it's twangy bass guitar lead instrumentals. Octopus! have created a record that fits into the 'I've been looking out for this kind of rock music since I started reviewing', joining a scant few bands whose records I can always go back to again and again regardless of when it is in the year or where I am. There's something to the different layers coming together (like on Спасибо , тебе, за эти берега) that I just feel is very optimistic and uplifting in a way that scuzzy rock music tends not to be. We may all be sweaty and jumping around, but we're enjoying every damn minute of it while Octopus! do their thing. The bass on Shark Attack is simply perfection. It's dirty, ladden with a effects, but it delivers on tongue-in-cheek menace and a sense of cool that I can just wrap myself up in and wear like armour. The drumming can go from standard fair, merely keeping the beat (though in this case, that's no easy task. Things move at a clip) to taking progressive detour fills  (the short interlude on Vulcano, for instance) when the bass decides to stand down for a few seconds. That one person is doing all of this is both mighty impressive (my hat is off to you madame/sir), but also makes a lot of sense. Some of the time changes being thrown around on here would probably leads to a rip in space-time if it someone else had to try and keep the rhythm together. I would occasionally put When Will You Stop? on every now and again over my time away, and every time I wanted to drop everything and sing its praises from on wasfeursohr high. Now I finally can, and have. Get this record.

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